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Brittney Ross

Make up Artist

Brittney Ross launched her passion for cosmetics the way any good millennial knows how, a YouTube tutorial rabbit-hole. But she didn’t stop after nailing the perfect smokey eye. It was her drive, her precision, and her love for the art that propelled her to the status of acclaimed Twin Cities makeup artist.

As a working mother of two, her world is never short on color. Cranberry juice spills blend naturally into burgundy lips as she accentuates the beauty on every surface.

She values client satisfaction and works diligently to bring each vision to life. She also provides direction when palette choices become overwhelming.

Whether it’s a sparkly night on the town or a natural glow for your nuptials, Brittney is equipped and experienced to put on your best face. From your highlight to your lip gloss shade, she shines when you do.

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Chandra S.

Brittney is a very professional skilled makeup artist. She takes her time and is very efficient. She is also very prompter's with scheduling and flexibale. I will recommend her to anyone looking to receive great quality work.

April G.

Do yourself a favor and book Brittney ASAP!

Ina C.

Brittany did an amazing job on my makeup! She was very inviting and a friendly as well. Great prices, professional and sweet. Did I mention great makeup?

Ruqayyah A.

Brittney always does an amazing job! She is quick but efficient and makes you look just as beautiful as you should for your special day or any occasion!

Vivian N.

Britteny did an amazing job on the bridal party. She was super friendly and very flexible and very professional. I will definitely be using Britteny in the future again!

Shawnna B.

Her poise, she was confident and very welcoming.

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